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It is common for some adopted children to have histories of chronic stress, neglect or abuse. There are other situations where a child may have experienced compromises to their brain development while in the womb. Still others have had to learn how to survive institutional care.

Through seminars, classes, and coaching we help parents and care givers develop understanding and insight in order to grow compassion and empathy. We introduce and promote creative parenting strategies designed to bring healing to the heart, mind, and soul of a child wounded by the adults from the child's past. The merciful posture of our heavenly Father is our guide.

 We work in the USA as well as Ukraine and Russia. We offer help, hope and healing to parents who have adopted or foster children suffering from the effects of trauma. We are discovering that these ideas are also quite helpful for parents with autistic children and for people working to reach and disciple others with traumatic childhoods. In all that we do, we believe that God is using our efforts to advance His Kingdom and promote His Glory.

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David and Colleen Little

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