Stewards Who Are Trustworthy

Stewards Who Are Trustworthy

The  “Stewards Who Are Trustworthy” Ministry strives to transform lives, reduce stress, improve marriages and draw people closer to Christ through the application of biblical financial principles  by helping people understand God's unique plan and design for their personal finances, their career/vocation choices and their business decisions.

We operate under the biblical financial principles espoused and taught by Crown Financial Ministries.  These foundational, bed-rock and time-tested principles are as follows: 1) God's ownership of everything and (everyone) in the heavens and earth, 2 His Sovereignty of everything and (everyone) in the heavens and earth and 3) our manager-ship or stewardship of everything He has allowed us to possess. 1 Chron 29:11-12.

Stewards Who Are Trustworthy  focus on the core values of Lordship, Stewardship and Generosity to help others enjoy the peace and contentment of true financial freedom that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. The Ministry uses all of the many resources of Crown Financial Ministries e.g. small group Bible Studies, Seminars, Workshops, Career Direct Assessments and Budget and Debt Counseling.

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