Healing Words

Healing Words

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Healing Words project was founded by neurosurgeon Dr. David Levy.  Dr. Levy brings his years of experience with surgery using words and stories for healing. The mission of Healing Words is to use God’s words, based on scripture, to minister to those in need. Listening to God’s words should ultimately lead to an experience the love of God, which is healing. Breathing techniques such as synchronized breathing to scripture passages, calms the nervous system and promotes healing of body, soul and spirit. 

Healing words brings resources, education and encouragement to the medical and non-medical communities through written and spoken words. This ministry includes production of video and audio recordings, and the delivery of lectures and workshops around the world. 

The ultimate purpose of Healing Words is to show the love of God to those who suffer from many conditions of mind and body. Scientifically, we recognize individual physiology and brain chemistry significantly affect thought patterns and emotions. Individual physiology is affected by many factors such as screen-time, diet, exercise, sleep, sugar and caffeine intake, prescription and non-prescription drugs, environment, work, relationships, mental health, spiritual health, and emotional health. New education and training resources and methods are needed to recover physical and mental health in this world.

Healing words uses a novel combination of storytelling, brain science and Bible teaching to give hope and encouragement to those in need.

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Dr. David I Levy

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End Date: 30 December 2025

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