Ancient Roots

Ancient Roots

Ancient Roots Missional Communities:

The first of Ancient Roots’ projects was a network of missional communities spread across the United States.

The flagship community was started by Herbert Barbutti at Regent University in Virginia Beach. Shortly afterwards, sister communities emerged from other Ancient Roots leaders in San Diego, CA, Holland, MI and finally in Kansas City, MO – a stone’s throw from the International House of Prayer’s Mission Base.

Community members focused on personal discipleship, community outreach projects, devotion to one another, and a constant seeking of God.

Ancient Roots Communities were disbanded at our January 2010 Annual Summit in order to send out its members into their respective callings. The latest Ancient Roots activity is a ministry in the favelas of Fortaleza, Brazil started in 2010 by Herb and Lorelei Barbutti.  Ancient Roots will also be launching a team to the unreached of Nepal in Spring 2014

ARC Mission Statement

“To prepare ourselves for the Lord’s coming by becoming fully surrendered to and in love with Christ and in doing so see revival first in ourselves, our community, and then our region.”

ARC Core Values
  1. Every member should have a personal relationship with God in which they are able to commune with, serve, and love Jesus in the “secret place.”
  2. Members should be lead by the Holy Spirit and act out in faith in desire for and obedience to the Lord.
  3. Before being able to lead something corporately, a member should first cultivate that area in secret with God.
  4. All members should care for each other in taking on (in prayer and action) others’ burdens, joys, hardships, and victories.
  5. Leaders are not infallible, but are to be honored and submitted to in the area of their authority within the community, as men and women of God.
  6. Leaders are to lead by example and to serve those they are in authority over by equipping, loving, exhorting, and encouraging them.
  7. Though the great emphasis is on personal relationship with God, it cannot be separated from a life that produces fruit. The first commandment is directly tied to the second.alt
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