Who We Are

We are a non profit charitable organization made up of Collaborative Problem-Solvers who want to help the world.  We believe that everyoneshould have proper shelter and a way to provide it for themselves. We believe that we have a solution...bricks.

What We Do

We partner with church planters, missionaries, philanthropists, community leaders, anyone who wants to see the Gospel go forward through serving and meeting the needs of those around them. We provide our partners with a bricks press which is used to economically produce bricks. Bricks build: homes, communities, trade, people and Lives. We see this as a way to love and serve an afflicted people. 

Why Bricks

Poor housing conditions are life threatening. Substandard housing, unsafe water and poor sanitation in densely populated cities are responsible for 10 million deaths worldwide every year.

We believe that the at the core of all or these issues is the housing itself. By addressing housing we will create a catalyst that will improve all the surrounding issues. Quality shelter leads to quality lives.

Over the next 25 years, over 2 billion people will add to the growing demand for housing. Close to 3 billion people, or about 40% of the world's population by 2030, will need to have housing and basic infrastructure services. This translates into completing 96,150 housing units per day or 4000 per hour.


Project Manager
Justin Grantz

Columbus, US

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