AOT - African Scholarship Fund

AOT - African Scholarship Fund

Innocent Senakpon Kogbeyo

AOT Scholarship FundIn Benin 2009, I was accepted as a day worker with Mercy Ships and began working with the Eye Team aboard the m/v Africa Mercy. I worked as a day worker until December 1, 2011, when I became a crew member in the position of Assistant Ophthalmic Tech Team Coordinator. Over my six years working with the Eye Team I have learned much about vision care and have a real passion for helping African people with their visual problems.

My time with Mercy Ships has allowed me to experience firsthand the misery that blindness, whether refractive or otherwise, causes in many countries and in Mercy Shipsmany families. On a typical screening day for Mercy Ships we see between 800-1000 patients, who stand in-line waiting for eye care. By training as an optometrist, it is my desire to be able to contribute to the prevention of blindness in the West African population.

I see that lack of information and lack of access to an optometrist canEye Treatment 1 lead to many preventable eye diseases. I would like to be able to address these issues by working both in the city but also in outreach programs in rural villages. My passion is to assist Africans by providing eye care and timely treatment as well as general eye care information to help them avoid early loss of sight.

Help me reach my goal, through prayer and finances, to get good training and go on to become the "Big Man of Eyes", a specialist who can use his skills and training to serve God's people here in Africa.

Project Manager
Lisa Hopper

Bamako, ML

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End Date: 30 December 2017

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