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The Relief Initiative exists to inspire hope and provide quality healthcare to residents of all ages and nationalities living in Jordan who do not otherwise have access to medical and dental care within the country due to a lack of income or health insurance. 

It is estimated that there are 1.4 million Syrian refugees living in Jordan. Only 18 percent of those are living in refugee camps within the country. The remaining 82 percent are living in and around Jordan in small communities. The Relief Initiative provides quality healthcare and dental care to many of these who are displaced and living in these communities. Likewise, we provide the same quality care to local Jordanians within the country who lack income or health insurance.                                     

Problem being solved?
Our small clinic regularly provides quality health and dental care in a loving environment. Our ability to provide care at minimal or no cost to the patient allows us to provide an important service to the local and surrounding communities especially for Syrian refugees with few or limited resources. 

How are you solving it?
Our clinic provides general medical care and dental care to our patients. In addition to well care for all ages, our physicians, nurses, volunteers and staff manage a host of chronic illnesses and acute conditions. Our dentist provides dental treatments like cleanings, fillings, root canals and extractions at a low cost to the patient. Our volunteers and staff also sponsor community clinics where staff set up small clinics in the community as an extended service. We teach childbirth, diabetes and breastfeeding classes.

Why are you qualified?
Our team consists of two family medicine physicians, a nurse practitioner, nurses volunteers and a business and clinic manager. The entire team brings expertise to the practice setting in both nursing and medicine which allows us to provide a unique quality of service unavailable to the families we serve.   

What is the urgency?
The Syrian conflict has continued now for over 8 years. Many of these refugees left home thinking that they would return to their homes and their jobs in a few days or weeks. Displaced Syrians, most of which are not permitted legally to work, need access to high quality low cost care more than ever. The provision of health and wellness care is essential for any community and especially for displaced families and will directly affect its sustainability.

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