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MentorLink International
YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE… Our goal is to develop multitudes of Christ-like leaders around the world. Our inside-out, character-driven training is already transforming the lives of thousands of ministry leaders and pastors. We are rooted is Jesus' and the Apostles teaching on leadership: What leaders do. How such leaders relate to people. What and how they teach by word and action. How they view themselves. What are appropriate motives?

MentorLink's ministry is thriving around the world. Stacy Reinhart

Global Live Training
  • Now in over 60 nations.
  • Last year we trained 11,899 leaders to multiply other leaders
  • Average cost of $0.75 each person.

Days with Jesus video discipling tool
  • 697,984 discipling encounters January – June 2014
  • Averaging less than $0.15 per encounter.
  • Used in the last 6 months to start 300 discipling groups in Tanzania – most will become house churches.

With every $100 donation, we can increase the reach in both training and discipling.
  • $100 = 135 multiplying leaders in parts of the world like Uganda, Sudan and Kyrgyzstan.
  • $100 = 667 discipling encounters through Days with Jesus.

Mentor Link LeadersThe Great Commission is not done.  We, along with your gifts and prayers, work to help fulfill the Lord's command to make disciples in the world until He returns. VISIT OUR WEBSITE


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