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The Hill Tribe villagers of Northern Thailand are typically people whose ancestors moved into Thailand to seek refuge from oppressive regimes in surrounding countries. These tribal groups suffer deep-seeded prejudice and discrimination and are often relegated to low-class labor.

They are trapped in a cycle of poverty and despair. Their limited education and work opportunities make self-improvement very difficult. Without hope, they fall into desperate poverty, alcoholism, drug addiction, family violence, and abuse.

Thousands of hill tribe children are orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk of human trafficking. Faithful Heart is focused on rescuing these children, providing them a safe home and loving Christian family where they experience God’s love for them.

With your help we hope to rescue more children, establish more homes and spread the love of God to many more of these “at risk” children.  Please consider sponsoring a child today!

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Matthew & Audrey Pound

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