Champlin Benevolence Fund

Champlin Benevolence Fund

Rachel has chronic Lymes Disease that began to manifest itself after a brain stem injury caused by a car accident. She is completely bedridden and she is not able to work or take care of herself. Funds will be used for special treatment in Ft. Collins.

There are very few treament centers in the US and she was lucky to be able to get into the program. Most patients have to wait over 6 months just to get in. Rachel hopes to start treatment on October 6, 2014. The first round to see if the treatment will work is $15,000. Rachel is on Medicaid and her family is not able to pay for this special treatment.

UPDATE:Rachel has begun treatment at the TriLife Health Clinic in Fort Collins, CO.  The treatment sessions are exhausting but there is hope that these procedures will stop the Lymes disease and she will be restored, but the process can run for two years.  The benevolence projects have raised $12,000 and paid for the initial part of the treatment and expenses.  Rachel needs $3,000 more to get through the first phase and then the clinic will be able to evaluate what additional treatment may be necessary.  You can read more about how Rachel is doing at .  Let's help Rachel finish the first phase of the treatment!


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