A Stronger Cord

 Thanks for inquiring about the Father G event. It's wonderful to report, we're sold out.

However, would you like to make a donation to Change The Trend's efforts to lessen in the impact of homelessness in Englewood and beyond?  Click the donate button and give online.  PUT "HELP THE HOMELESS" IN THE COMMENTS OF THE GIFT. 

Please contact Mark McIntosh at mark@seekvictory.com if you have questions or need help in any way.  The leader of A Stronger Cord can fill you in on how to demonstrate your generosity in supporting our efforts!

King Solomon: “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”

Issue: America today is at a crossroads. It has too many isolated men who are not productive members of society because of substance abuse, a criminal past or military fatigue. The mission of “A Stronger Cord” is to surround these men with transformational programs and services designed to strengthen bodies, minds and spirits and re-engage them with families, jobs and communities. We have a choice: attempt to lift them up or risk allowing them to drag us down. Our nation’s current and future prosperity is at stake.

A Stronger Cord is devoted to men's health - body, mind and spirit. It starts with the workout and ends with delivering fitness-minded, dependable and productive men to America. 

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