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                                  THE VILLAGE/SCHOOL OUTREACH PROGRAM:

The Village/School Outreach Program involves the five major missions of the Joy To The World Foundation in Thailand, care and education of children, discipleship and presentation of the gospel, prevention of trafficking and sexual predators, community development and leadership skills demonstrated by the BHJ girls and graduates.  Villages or schools are chosen because there is a pastor in the village or an administrator at the school that will help facilitate the program there. Thai national staff and associates do advance work and visit the village or school to discuss the outreach and how it will work with the village elders or school staff. A place for a playground for the children will be staked out and a two day time period chosen for the event. The event will take place usually over a weekend in the villages and during the week at the school. Teams from the US or other countries can be involved with the event and work alongside the Breanna’s House staff, girls and graduates.   The team arrives in the village or at the school and builds the playground.   Because we have organized the playground setups into kits using our own manufactured parts, a playground can be completed in 4-6 hours depending on the size of the team. While the playground is being completed, the BHJ girls and college students will go from house to house in the village presenting the Priceless Cube program to the children of the village and inviting them to the evening meeting. The Priceless Cube was developed by E3 Partners and is an effective way to present the dangers and evils of trafficking and the sex trade. Each child that sits through the presentation is given a chip that they can redeem for an I M Priceless ring at the evening event. Also during this time, the BHJ girls and graduates will be working on arts and crafts projects with the village children.   There is a celebration dinner held for the village, with a pig roast paid for by the Foundation. After the dinner, there is an evening program at the village church or school. Before the program, the children come in and redeem their chips for the I M Priceless rings. The program is put on by the BHJ girls and contains music, dramas and dance. Testimonies are also given by the graduates and older BHJ girls. A message based on a story from the Bible is then given by one of our Thai national staff who has done the advance work at the village.   The day after the event, often a Sunday, the team will be there for the morning church service and the BHJ girls will provide Sunday School for the children. Following the service, the Foundation staff will meet with the village elders or school staff and help them determine what community development projects they would like to see done that would improve life in the village based on the six elements of a successful village or community. The Thai national staff will then stay connected with the village or school and provide additional training, counseling and coordination with the pastor or administrator and the Foundation will provide the resources they need to accomplish at least one follow up project within 30-60 days of the event.   The involvement of the Foundation and the event is meant to be a catalyst that helps the village or school help itself. For many people in the village it may be the first time that they have ever been in the church and it helps establish the church or school as a change agent in the local community. The villages and schools are usually Animistic or Buddhist in culture and so each event must be covered in prayer and the team will do a prayer walk of the village or school grounds after the service while the staff meet with the elders. The Joy To The World Foundation would like to do one of these projects each month. The cost to sponsor one village/school project is $6,000 which covers the advance work, the playground, the dinner event and the follow up meetings and project chosen by the village and we will prepare a video of the event for the sponsor.

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