Nepal Missions-Special Projects

Nepal Missions-Special Projects
Nepal Mission exists to show the love of Jesus Christ by sharing the gospel and meeting the needs of the poor and disabled people of Nepal.  This SPECIAL PROJECT fund allows you to designate your gift to our current special project needs

The mission has been instrumental in planting churches in small remote villages of Nepal and providing food, blankets, clothing, medical and school supplies, livestock (goats, cows and water buffalo), as well as Bibles (print and audio). These people are true outcasts of Nepali society—the
untouchable caste and disabled who are mistreated and ignored. Meeting physical needs demonstrates that the Christian God cares about them and loves them.

Project Manager Ruth Parajuli started doing mission work with her family in Nepal in the earlyScene in a hut1990s. Ruth moved to Colorado in 2001 and has continued visiting and sending funds back to the disabled and poor in her home country. The mission expanded through New Horizons in 2009. 

Supporting the work of Nepal Mission gives poor and disabled people the human dignity they deserve, and also provides them with a means of subsistence, giving hope for the future. Please consider donating towards this project and/or becoming a regular supporter of Nepal Mission.
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