Cale Smith Benevolence Fund

Cale Smith Benevolence Fund
On April 1st, 2015 a sweet and precious 10-year old boy, Cale Smith was diagnosed with a malignant Rhabdomyosaroma (muscle) tumor. 

Cale was an ordinary 10-year boy that loved football, basketball, hunting, and his family and friends.  His dream is to be an NFL football player and retire to be a goat farmer (well that part is a little unordinary).  On April 1st his dreams were in jeopardy, but instead of cowering, he became EXTRAordinary!   

In just 3 weeks, let me tell you what this kid has faced, and accomplished.  He joined Children’s Hospital Los Angeles junior ambassador program and in 7 days, raised over $30,000 for Cancer Research and underprivileged patients at the hospital.  

He inspired over 275 children and adults to shave their heads and join him in this battle.  He maintained his dignity, and spirit through losing his beloved blond curly locks of hair and now rubs his head for good luck.  But most of all, he has the best sense of humor and everlasting sense of calm, knowing he rests in the palm of Jesus.

I would like to thank all friends and family in advance for the prayers, love and support the Smith family has already received. Even a message means more to them then anyone may know. There is absolutely no doubt, people like those visiting and reading this page right now are carrying them through this very difficult time.

This fund has been set up at the request of Family, Friends and the Glendora Community to support Cale Smith's extensive medical and treatment expenses.  

All funds raised through this site will go directly to his treatment and care.  It is a shared goal to help the family solely focus on Cale’s treatment for a full and complete recovery, as well help Karine and Corey care for their other two beautiful children Kylie (13), and Caden (8).  

**Any additional funds raised beyond Cale’s medical costs will be given to a charity or charities of Cale’s choice once he WINS this battle.**

“Be Strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or discouraged.  For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” –Joshua 1:9 NLT

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