Who are we and who are we trying to support?
SENDERS is a non-profit organization that connects goers with senders to provide financial support for seminary graduates.
We are looking for seminary graduates that know what kind of ministry God has called them to. A strong candidate is one who has a strong academic history and has demonstrated the initiative and work ethic to respond to his/her calling.
What are we trying to do?
Our vision is to alleviate the financial burdens of seminary graduates so they have the financial freedom and flexibility to pursue serving the Lord vocationally (i.e., pastoral, missionary, non-profit, etc). We are looking to accomplish this by helping recent seminary graduates pay off debt accrued from general expenses incurred during their studies (e.g., loan payments, rent, moving expenses, and other basic living expenses).
How are we trying to accomplish this?
SENDERS has a network of believers that are pursuing the Lord by generously giving to support postgraduates who face seminary-related financial burdens. These believers come from a vast number of industries and feel called to serve the Lord not only by tithing to their local church but also by financially supporting individuals ministering to both local and global communities.
Given Christ’s mandate at the end of His earthly ministry (Matthew 28:19-20), we believe that all Christians play a role in bringing the Gospel to the nations.  As SENDERS, we hope to play a small part in enabling select individuals who have dedicated themselves as GOERS to accomplish the explicit purpose of bringing the Good News to the lost
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