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Posted by Randall Gwin on 22 February 2017

Community Health Outreach

Thanks to the effort of many we had a Health Fair last week at clinic. We screened people for high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight and nearsightedness. We had 95 patients over 2 days, and we found that about half of them had some medical problem. They were all very thankful for the service, and we are very encouraged by their kind words!
The following week, we offered seminars on diabetes, oral hygiene, high blood pressure, and other common health issues.

Posted by Randall Gwin on 22 February 2017

English Clubs for Children

In January, we began English clubs for elementary school, middle school, and university students. The clubs are going well, with lots of energy, laughter, and interaction!

Posted by Randall Gwin on 23 March 2017

Mobile Apps for Prenatal Care in the Kyrgyz Language

We've been working for over a year with a multi-national team of programmers to develop a mobile app that pregnant women can use to learn about their nutritional needs, normal body changes, and development of their baby during each week in utero. We're hoping to release the Beta version of the app in the summer of 2017.

Posted by Randall Gwin on 25 June 2017

New Playground for a Kyrgyz Village

The local government has worked with us for several years to try to plan a playground for a village in northern Kyrgyzstan. The paperwork has finally come together, and we're set to begin work this week! The Grand Opening is in five days!
Clinic staff and local partners are volunteering to complete the construction and prepare the grounds for this great community-development opportunity.

We still need funds for the clinic's operational costs for the rest of the year, and we're always looking for new medical volunteers, so let us know if you can help.

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