Peripateo's Path

Peripateo's Path


The Ministry of Gail Grimston...encouragement thru being there.

The word PERIPATEO conveys that one should conduct one's way of life in the paths indicated by God.

Peripateo's Path mentors young women in their walk with God and in their personal lives.

Gail Grimston was on the Young Life staff for 47 years.  During this time she was invovled with teenagers and college students in Vancouver BC, Seattle WA and Portland OR.  She also spent 13 years working at the Malibu Club as Operations manager.
She now is ivovled in the ACTS 6 scholarship program at Warner Pacific and George Fox schools.  She is involved in the traing time with students as they prepare to enter college.  She continues to meet and mentor young women as they go through their college years.
She is also invovled in EMBRACE OREGON in helping appreciate the men and women who work in the DHS in Multnomah and Clackamas County.
Project Manager
Gail Grimston

Portland, US

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