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My name is Semse Aydin, I was born in a by nominal Christian family and I didn't know who Jesus was, until the devil's pressure pushed me toward Him. Jesus saved me in the mist of the spiritual attac and made me his disciple. I shared Jesus with my husband 4 years before we got marriad. Necati became a strong follower of Jesus, his family felt big shame and hatered toward us because of his faith and our marriage, for Necati chose Jesus over his family, they reject him until his death and still they remain in the same hatered. After we got married we started serving Jesus with crazy love, even tough my husband knows his people hate him and they were thirsty for his blood, he continue love unconditionally and sheared the gospel with them boldly. But his people betrayed him by false accusation saying that "Necati forced them to have the Bible and cursed at their religion and their profit. They put him in prison for one month befor the court. His radical Islamic background group sent him a lawyer to persuade him to deny Jesus for the sake of his freedom, but Necati rejected their help and said,"my freedom and my lawyer is Jesus." God freed my husband in a miraculous way by changing people's heart whom accused him, they testified the truth and said,"Necati is a good man he never cursed about their religion nor force them to have the Bible." After this victori Necati never held back his faith or afraid to share the gospel in the same courega. For we had compassion for the last God started calling us to east Turkey which is a place more radical in Islam and very dangerous for my husband because of his Islamic background and also because written in the Kuran who ever left Islam deserve to die. But when we have God calling we didn't fear, dout, or regret. We move to Malatya and God started home church in our home, my husband was a pastor and evangelist coordinator to make home church in every city in Turkey and disciples people to Christ. He was working with Campus Crused in Turkey even dough the Turks hated the Crused. His radical Islamic background and working with campus crushed even made him a biger target but it didn't matter to him and he continued serve his sweet Savior and Heavenly Father with the joy of salvation. My husband discipled his murderres for three months even he was know their hearts like as Judas, he didn't reject them because Jesus was his example of not rejecting Judas. On April 18 /2007 these two young man brought their three other friends and visited my husband in his office to "hear" about the gospel, they had brought knifes, robes, and guns with them to kill my husband brutally and who ever was with him in the office. They had written letters to their family saying, "we are proud to salutered the missionary's for the sake of Islam. After the attac we forgive the murrderres instantly personaly and publicly. On the tv a news reporter said, "the widow by forgiving her husband murderrers what she did for Christianty, missionary's couldn't do in a thousand years. In 2008 God brought us to U.S. With my two amazing children to protect us from my husband family, because they were asking publicly to take away my children from me and raise them as Muslim, to take revenge from me. in U.S I worked with Campus Crused for 4 years as a missionary and evangelist speaker. Since 2012 God called me to be a independent missionary under Joy to the world foundation until today. Ever since my husband was martyred in 2007 I kept giving my testimony at many churches and mission field as Opendoors, Campus crusade, Voice of the Martry, and at Lifest, etc. my story touched many lives in a powerful way and still does to day. I also been working withe refugees in Colorado Springs to shear the gospel. I am an evangelist speaker and disciple maker by using my gift to glorify God. Thank you for your interest, support, and prayer for Aydin Ministry. Sincerely. Semse Aydin.
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Wednesday, 21 February 1968

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