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Mark Kordic, CCNL (Certified Christian Non-Profit Leader) has been a leader in advancing Christian causes through the practice of biblical stewardship for more than three decades. Serving as Advancement Director for the Alliance for the Unreached, he seeks new partners among churches, Christian ministries and Christian media who believe in the urgency of Jesus' message to bring His Good News to all people groups. His roles have advanced the cause of international missions, Christian radio, Christian higher education and the local church. Mark delights in serving major donors of ministries as they watch transformation occur in individuals and communities. In addition to his leadership in advancement, Mark served as a radio journalist for two-decades investigating the myriad of ways God uses ordinary people to fulfill the Great Commission in the U.S. and around the world. Mark enjoyed his service as State Media Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer for the decade of the ‘90’s. He also helped to launch the International Day for the Unreached in 2015, bringing attention to the urgent need of bringing the Gospel to the 2.5 billion people who have never heard of Jesus and His saving work. He and his wife Paula live in Fort Worth, Texas and have three adult children. Mark spends his free time enjoying the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians and The Ohio State Buckeyes sports teams. Recently inspired by a group of selfless, twenty-somethings to engage as a prayer intercessor, Mark passionately seeks God on behalf of his family, neighbors and the Bibleless around the world.
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Saturday, 17 December 1960

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