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I was led to the Lord by my Father when I was 6 years old following a communion service. My father was consistently in leadership in the church and included me in much of his visitation opportunities as was appropriate. As a result I learned first-hand much about the work of the Holy Spirit in times of trouble and times of rejoicing. I felt the call into ministry in my teen years and intended to follow that call. In my early adult life as a result of foolish choices I felt I was not pastor material at the time and abandon God’s call to the ministry and entered the business world. At age 25 I married Brenda and we began to build our life together without considering full-time ministry as a possibility. In 2001 the chairman of the Elders approached me stating that I should be a pastor. After much prayer, the encouragement of Brenda, and the confirmation of many, I renewed my pursuit of God’s call. I am a graduate of Denver Seminary from the Master of Divinity program. I am 55 years old, the husband of Brenda Fischer and father of Reed, age 26 and Brittany, age 24. I currently serve in several ministry capacities which are listed on my resume. I am a compassionate person who has experienced God’s great love, mercy and forgiveness and I desire to share His gospel and grace with others. God has used my life and relationships to prepare me for ministry in the Kingdom. I am from a family of seven children, five of whom are still alive. Having grown up in a large family, I learned early the skill of intergenerational relationships, and I relate well to people of all ages. I prefer ministry that is relationship based and have conducted ministry in this fashion. God has gifted me in the areas of mercy and teaching and has used me in the role of pastoral care as well as teaching/preaching throughout my ministry. God has provided great blessing to me, as well as others, in this manner, and I am humbled by His work through me. Upon graduation from Denver Seminary in 2007 I began to minister in several situations which required me to be mostly self-sufficient financially. In this roll I was able to work in ministry providing care, leadership and training in places and to people who normally are overlooked by the Church at large in America. I found myself ministering to the elderly and to Native Americans on a regular basis. It became clear to me that God wished to use me areas of His Kingdom which require extra patience and compassion. Much of my ministry has focused on the Native Americans living on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. I began as an adjunct professor at Denver Seminary in 2007 teaching an intercultural mission class focusing on the Native American Culture and more specifically the Oglala Lakota of Pine Ridge. Each semester I would take students to live on the reservation and learn how to minister in a cross cultural context. During this time I developed many relationships both within the churches on Pine Ridge and in the Tribal Council and leadership. God even used me to reach out to Oliver Red Cloud, Chief Red Cloud, with the Gospel and begin laying the ground work for his confession of faith in Jesus 4 years later as he professed faith publicly in the ReCreation Center in Oglala. I currently have close relationships with members of the Tribal Council and the Treaty Council as well as many friends within the community. The unemployment rate on Pine Ridge is nearly 80% and the average education level is just above 8th grade. Alcoholism is rampant and these conditions all combine to create a leadership vacuum both in the community and the Church. Most pastors are struggling to just meet the demands of day to day ministry and have little time or energy left to develop church leadership for the future. I hope to provide significant support for them. While continuing my ministry on Pine Ridge God called me to take a position with a small American Baptist church who could not afford a pastor. I began ministering there in 2008 and have seen God do some exciting things in this small group. This church had provided meeting space to a Pentecostal Ukrainian church for 10 years when I began. Shortly after starting God laid on my heart that these two churches, along with a messianic group meeting there, should be one church. Imagine that! A Baptist Church a Pentecostal church and a Messianic church all becoming one! Many thought I was crazy but with the leading of God and His gifting in cross cultural ministry I have been able to lead them to become one. In 2015 we were having a public baptism at a state park when an onlooker asked what kind of church we were. When I explained the history and makeup of the church her response was “The world could really learn from you guys!” This church continues to learn how to minister in the tension of different cultures and theological background but day by day it becomes more and more unified. At the same time as the Hillcrest ministry a friend and I began to plant a Spanish speaking church in Boulder, Colorado. I am not fluent in Spanish but my friend was. We began meeting in his house and three years later began to meet in a church building nearby. My friend, John, was diagnosed with renal cancer shortly after we moved and passed away 2 years later. He and I had identified who we wished to mentor into leadership and praise God Mario and Delores are “all in” as leaders at El Rio De Dios. In 2015 we had a baptism at our house where 56 people attended and 3 were baptized. This year we expect to baptize 4 and have seen over the last year 13 people come to faith in Jesus. Each of these aspects of ministry reaches out to people groups on the margins of society either by age, economics, culture, or a combination. I have had the privilege of training leadership through Denver Seminary, in person on Pine Ridge, at El Rio De Dios, and over the internet using the training program provided by CBMatrix, an arm of Missions Door. I hope to expand the use of this online training program on Pine Ridge for several reasons. It is very low cost or free in special circumstances making it possible for those on Pine Ridge as it is the poorest county in the US. By utilizing an online program the students do not need to leave the reservation and risk be considering outsiders by their tribe when they return and they get to put into practice the skills learned right away. As part of this program I will be making regular trips to Pine Ridge in order to lead seminars and mentor students and pastors. This can only be done affectively in person. Up to this point I have had to work construction and other odd jobs in order to survive financially. It is my hope to raise support to allow me to devote much more of my time to ministry. Funds raised will be used to provide for expenses related to travel and ministry on Pine Ridge including study supplies and equipment, supplement to student tuition if needed, and for the ministry at El Rio De Dios. They will also provide for living expenses for me and my wife. We will give regular updates on all aspects of our ministry as well as opportunities for those who may wish to join in. It is our hope to help raise up a generation of Native American Christian leaders to take over the leadership of ministry on Pine Ridge. We also hope to get El Rio De Dios established and to train up a Spanish speaking pastor to take my place. None of these things will be fast or easy. Many have become weary in ministry to the Native American culture and I am not naive regarding the challenges. I do know, however, that God has called me to this and that over the last 10 years He has kept us sustained and anxious to see His Kingdom advanced. We are sure that He has things beyond our imagination planned for Pine Ridge, Hillcrest, and El Rio De Dios.
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Friday, 25 November 1960

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