New Applications


The following forms and steps are required to set up an Operating Project within the Foundation:

Step 1: Complete an submit by email your case statement.  For help in creating your case statement please see click here.

Step 2: Complete and submit the New Project Application form

Step 3: Complete and submit the New Project Budget form

Step 4: Upon completion of steps 1-3 The Foundation will review your submission and be in contact with you with additional information.  As a reminder Operating Projects are required to generate at least $2,000.00 in initial donations as part of the project application process.



CFC - Operation Restored Warrior Project(NEW HORIZONS FOUNDATION)

Combined Federal Campaign


              If you’re a military or federal employee, each year from September 1 – December 15 you may freely pledge a gift to the New Horizons Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign.

Your gift will be automatically deducted from your pay and be used by The New Horizons Foundation for Operation Restored Warrior Project, a partnership between ORW(OPERATION RESTORED WARRIOR) and NEW HORIZONS FOUNDATION INC.           

Write #75511 on your pledge form.



Funds raised through the Combined Federal Campaign, #75511, will be used for Operation Restored Warrior is also an operating project under The New Horizons Foundation. You can learn more on the Operation Restored Warrior website.  For more than a thousand veterans, Operation Restored Warrior has stepped into the gap, RESCUING, REBUILDING and RESTORING our most at-risk veterans. Are you a veteran struggling with the long-term effects of combat? Are you the loved one of a veteran, perhaps a spouse, parent, sibling or friend? Or, are you a person of resources and influence– passionate to make an impact in the lives of these men and women? Then, ORW is for you.

Change or Update Your Donation

There are several different ways you can change or update your recurring (monthly) donation.

Credit or Debit Card Donation

Change or Update Card Information:
  • You can make a donation to the selected project via the website, be sure to put "update/change monthly donation" in the memo line.  Please note that this will process a donation transaction on your card.  Your new card information will then be setup to transact on the 15th for the following month. (This is the most secure method)
  • Fill out the Donation form and mail or fax it directly to our offices
  • If you are simply updating the expiration date (Card number remains the same) you can email just the expiration date and last 4 digits of your card to our staff. (Do Not Email your credit/debit card information to us) - Contact Us Email
Bank Transfer (ACH) Donation

Change or Update Bank Account information
  • Fill out this form and mail or fax it directly to our office - Donation Form
Change Amount or Cancel Monthly Donation
  • To change your amount or to cancel your monthly donation, please send us an email - Contact Us Email - Be sure to include your name, the date you wish the donation to stop, the amount of the donation and the project.
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