Field of Interest Funds


Field of Interest Fund projects are established by the Foundation for a proposed one time need. The New Horizons Foundation board will review the projects for approval. Field of Interest Fund Projects are established to meet one time needs in the areas of medical/benevolence needs, disaster relief, distributions to a foreign charity, mission trips and scholarships


The Medical/Benevolence Program has been established to provide grants and gifts to individuals with documented medical or benevolent needs in accordance with the charitable purposes of the Foundation. In order to be approved in the program, the applicant must submit a Medical or Benevolent Needs Assessment Application to the advisory council for review. Forms are available from the Foundation.


The program is designed to provide a valuable mission experience to the participant that will be of benefit to the foreign mission and/or to evaluate a foreign mission for potential future support by the Foundation. This program has been established to oversee foreign    missions experiences for volunteers that want to travel oversees to work with or evaluate mission projects. Applicants will submit an application along with a budget for their   mission trip to be approved by the Fund advisory board and then file a project report  when they return.


If you are interested in creating a scholarship fund, an Educational Assistance Fund can be established to administrate funds to an approved Educational Scholarship Fund. Due to some of the complexities and tax issues related to scholarship administration, the Foundation requests that donors please consult with Foundation staff to determine the best solution for scholarship interests.


When natural disasters or emergencies occur the Foundation needs to be flexible and able to respond immediately. These projects can be set up for one time gifts or for the collection of funds that can be used immediately to provide for these types of needs without the normal process and due diligence of setting up a new project in the Foundation. Members of the Natural Disaster and Emergency committee on the board will make decisions about how these funds are to be utilized.

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