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The Priceless Campaign is a preventative and holistic approach to changing a culture's view of women and girls.  We believe that there are three primary root issues to the sex trafficking and human slavery epidemic, throughout the world, that have to be addressed in order to see lasting and significant change.  We believe that preventative efforts are the most important and effective way to change what is happening with human trafficking. 

Educational Change - Most girls in third world countries never have the opportunity to gain their high school equivalency much less have the opportunity for a university education or vocational training.  These girls see very little potential for their future and they have not hope.  Organizational partners in the Priceless campaign have established programs to help young women receive their education and vocational training.

Economic Change - A primary reason that so many girls (and their families) in third world countries give up hope and "sell out" to the sex industry is because they see no sign of economic change and have little hope for the future.  The Priceless Campaign focuses on transforming communities and improving economic conditions for the sake of young women's futures.  Internet pornography has fueled a huge international demand for the sex industry that is being supplied through exploited women and children, when demand goes up, prices rise, which makes economic change a critical element of any preventive effort.

Accountability - Until an entire community or culture starts to place greater value on their women and little girls it will be impossible to see a significant change in a nation's sex industry.  Through the use of our priceless rings and educational programs, communities will see and hear that their young women are priceless to God, their families and to their communities and have a way to report sex predators and agents.  Shining a light on this epidemic and raising the community awareness will help bring accountability where it is needed most.


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