Colorado Intercessory Prayer Ministry


Psalms 2:8-"Ask and I will give you the nations"


Colorado Intercessory Prayer Ministry is a worldwide intercessory prayer ministry to stand in the gap spiritually for those that don't or can't do it for themselves. Intercessory prayer is the starting point of all evangelism and a precursor to revival on all levels: Local, national, and global.


Our mission is dedicated to seeing the following illnesses of society addressed through focused and deliberate intercessory prayer: abortion, the breakdown of the family (divorce, physical, and substance abuse), suicide, depression, anxiety, drug abuse, corruption in the media, education systems, and big tech, all aligned against the truth of the Gospel, all levels of government: local, state, and national.


Through the force of joining intercessory prayer with the power of the Holy Spirit, societal ills can be reduced and people will return to the churches and into the Kingdom of God for His glory.

Bob Swatland
Project Manager

Munawar and Rebecca Masih


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