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God’s vision for BOLD DESTINY is very clear; Prepare hundreds of devoted Christian couples entering their 'second-half' to answer God's call to serve in ministry together (their Bold Destiny). This non-denominational ministry is very unique. BOLD DESTINY is igniting these couples-of-purpose to fully realize and implement their Kingdom work. This is not a one-time event. Combining small retreats, proven assessment tools and personalized coaching, we prepare each couple to launch life-long ministry initiatives.

Our vision to advance God’s Kingdom through ministry-minded couples puts us right in the heat of the spiritual battlefield. We view these BOLD DESTINY couples as the fertile soil and we want to help them sow the seeds that God will use to produce crops of 100x planted.

This vision that God has given us is so exciting we want to give you the opportunity to participate with us by using the resources that God has given you. Would you prayerfully consider joining us as a Ministry Partner:

CORNERSTONE PARTNERS - Perhaps God has blessed you financially and you desire to generously sow back into Kingdom work. Your generous gift will  lay a foundational cornerstone allowing BOLD DESTINY the initial start-up funding  to provide strong, God-honoring, generational ministry for years to come. 

MONTHLY PARTNERS - BOLD DESTINY needs on-going monthly financial support to continue growing our ministry initiatives and to help us off-set our annual living and ministry expenses.

SPONSORSHIP PARTNERS - Provide scholarship funds to sponsor couples who cannot fully afford the BOLD DESTINY Program fee of $2000. You might also consider paying it-forward for a specific couple that you feel would benefit greatly.

If God prompts you to join with us, we would be honored. All gifts will be met with full donor intent and are tax-deductible. Gifts-in-kind are also welcomed. Please feel free to share our ministry with others as God may lead you. Learn more at 

Imagine in the next few years, hundreds of BOLD DESTINY couples, impacting thousands of people for many generations to come! Perhaps helping others reach their uniquely prepared calling will be part of your calling in life as well. Your BOLD DESTINY.

May God bless you for blessing Him,

Mike and Becky McNamee



Project Manager

Mike & Becky McNamee

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