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Kerus Global Education is a network of caring professionals, parents and grandparents who care about the plight of orphans and vulnerable children around the world. The Greek word Kerus means “of the heart” or “to do something with passion.” This word captures the spirit and vision of Kerus Global Education founders Dr. Jennie Cerullo, Ph.D., and Dr. Marcia Ball, Ed.D., who share a common goal:  to offer hope and better health through practical services, education, and character-based programs for people living in poverty.

Dr. Cerullo and Dr. Ball, co-founders of Kerus, developed the It Takes Courage!Curricula Programs based on more than a decade of experience in over 50 nations. Kerus offers a multi-tiered, fully integrated approach to preventing HIV/AIDS and building healthy families. A character-based curriculum, on-the-ground training, radio programming (in partnership with Trans World Radio), and mass media strategies combine to produce transformational and sustainable impact in nations, communities, and individuals around the world. Each curriculum and training component teaches and reinforces the same core messages tailored to different audiences.

In 2008 Kerus, in partnership with grass roots organizations, began a network of 3 orphan care centers in Soshanguve, South Africa, which is now serving over 300 orphans and their caregivers.  These centers provide after school care for orphans which includes nutritious meals, spiritual enrichment, help with homework and a safe place to play.  

Kerus Global Education has been a leader in the prevention of HIV/AIDS around the world.  Committed to inspire and equip the local church, Christian agencies, Christian schools, and caring people of faith to courageously engage and support the work of public health and education professionals in their communities. 

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