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PURPOSE: Charity Air is a project under the New Horizons Foundation which can pay for expenses related to private air travel that is provided to recognized charities to help them accomplish their charitable purposes. Charities often have a need to utilize private air travel to accomplish their charitable purposes and objectives, but lack the resources to pay for these specialized services. Charity Air pays for the expenses of private air travel, such as fuel and landing fees, when the air travel fulfills a legitimate charitable purpose for the charity. The project will pay directly to providers or expenses can be reimbursed. The charity simply submits an application for review by the Charity Air committee and if approved by the Foundation, the flight expenses can be paid if there are available funds in the project.

PROCEDURE: An application is submitted by a charity to the Foundation which includes the charity’s name, address and tax identification number along with the purpose for the air travel and how it fulfills a charitable purpose for the organization. The charity will also give an estimate of the cost for the service and sign the application. Click HERE for the application.

Bob Swatland
Project Manager

Darius Rotea - NHF

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