Healing in Arts—touching thousands one individual at a time!

Artist and facilitator Pamela Alderman creates a new kind of artist/citizen work that invites audience collaboration. The work lets others speak and respond. Healing often results. Pamela explains: 

One afternoon after viewing The Scarlet Cord, an anti-sex trafficking installation, a middle-aged woman leaned into me and released a heavy sigh, I felt it to the core. Then she walked away. Not a single word was spoken. But something transpired. Whether large or small, this woman experienced healing—at an art installation. 

Well-known artist Makoto Fujimura clarifies how my art facilitates healing: “Art that focuses on the audience rather than the artist’s need for self-expression is unique. A paradigm shift.” By serving others and inviting soul care, the art helps unlock people and move them towards human flourishing, or personal well being.

Time and again visitors experience what T.S. Eliot calls the still point: A significant place in time. A moment of release where change and transformation begin. Healing in Arts, through interative art making, builds healthy communities where real people experience renewal and healing.

Join us on our creative adventure!

Pamela Alderman

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