YourOneDegree Coaches Institute – Pat Calhoun

YourOneDegree Coaches Institute – Pat Calhoun

Dr. Patrick Calhoun's Story:

As a police officer, I supervised others and often encountered officers struggling with burnout. One of my finest officers, who had been a friend for many years, began to exhibit several signs of occupational burnout. Eventually, his wife filed for divorce, his coworkers complained about his lethargy, and every motivational technique I knew failed. 

Six months later, this officer's wife moved back home, he was leading the entire shift (not just the squad) in his productivity statistics, and enjoyed coming to work. I asked him what had happened that influenced the change. He suggested that he introduce me to Dave Jewitt.

Dave coached me through Your One Degree. I soon realized that I too was experiencing issues with burnout. Dave helped me discover the purpose that God gave me. When I implemented what I learned, I discovered a greater significance and fruitfulness.

I was so impacted by discovering my One Degree that I started setting up workshops at my church. We led several people through the discovery journey. It was so fun to see others gain the freedom and fun that accompanied discovering their particular purpose. God began to tug at me to coach as often as possible. 

In 2015, Dave and Mike McNamee, the Executive Director, asked me to join them in the ministry to create a method of discovering, training, and developing new coaches for Your One Degree. That is what I do. My purpose is to help others discover their purpose! WOW!!! It is an incredible ministry and I am blessed to be part of it.

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Patrick Calhoun

Tulsa, US

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