ingage Christ in your Community

ingage Christ in your Community
Ingage-christ-logoIngage is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization focused on helping small and medium size churches develop volunteer led sustainable community impact ministries in their community. Data shows that 94% of people in America attend churches where the average worship attendance is 499 or less. This 94% represents 182,000 congregations and 34 million church attenders. After conducting over 40 interviews with senior pastors in these churches it became obvious they wanted their churches to serve the community. The challenge is trying to meet the many needs among the church members with a very small staff. They understand the benefits of serving the community and simply lack the staff resources to launch a new ministry project. In order to address this problem, Ingage is dedicated to helping these churches reach into their communities and provide support centered on the Hope of Christ. LEARN MORE!  Click to visit our website!
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