Christmas Gift Project- January Update



The children we  serve were incredibly blessed by the Christmas gifts and food they received through the generous support of our donors.  In particular, the food came at a time when many children were wondering what they were going to eat on that special day. Too many days they have gone without food.

In all, 90 children in northern Uganda were sponsored this year.  Each child received a blanket, rice, beans, maize flour, cooking oil sugar and soap. Some of these foods they rarely eat because they simply cannot afford them. Several amazed children shared that this was their first time to be supported by any group of people. 

The children were truly grateful and expressed their appreciation to KICA staff and volunteers.  One child, named Innocent, captured the sentiments of many children when she said, “we are relieved from looking for money for blankets because God has heard our cry. The last blanket our parents left with us got torn so we have never had one since.”

Thank you for making beautiful moments like this possible.

KICA Transforms Ministries has identified 79 orphaned children in northern Uganda that have no parents or sponsors caring for them.  They are hoping to make Christmas special for each of these kids.  $20 will provide a meaningful gift for each child, a special meal with meat (which they almost never get), and transport to get it out to their village.  Would you please consider making a one-time Christmas gift that will delight a child more than you can possibly imagine?

If you'd like to be an ongoing sponsor for some of these children or a whole child-headed family, read on for more information.



Michael and his sisters are a child headed family in northern Uganda. He became the sole caregiver at age 11 after losing both of their parents. The double-edged scourge of HIV/AIDS, and the attrocities committed by the Lord's Resistance Army, wreaked havoc in their village. Their community lacked the resources to meet the overwhelming needs of the most vulnerable.  This child-headed family did what they could to farm a meager piece of land, dig roots for food, and try to scrape by.  Today, through the assistance of KICA, the girls are in school, Michael is learning a trade, and they receive medical care, food, and mentoring from a caring adult.  Most importantly, they have hope.
Kica Tranforms Ministries is a Ugandan run NGO serving the most vulnerable in northern Uganda.  Kica takes a holistic approach to care by providing material support, educational opportunities, access to medical care, and trained mentors. Kica also seeks to transform communities by providing education and training in reconciliation techniques.  After 22 years of fighting in northern Uganda, thousands are still recovering and need assistance.  Kica Transforms Miinistries is there to help.
Kica needs your help to serve more child-headed families like Michael's.  Please join them in providing hope and care for the least of these.  
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