Earthen Vessels

Earthen Vessels

Earthen Vessels is a Christian based nonprofit run by Audrey Horton and Joe Gonzales.  Our vision is that Earthen Vessels will be the leading organization enriching the lives of individuals and communities around the world.  Our passion for God's work is in Africa and where we center most of our time.  However, we recognize that there are needs all over God's world and see that Earthen Vessels will have a part in all the world.

Our mission simply stated and what we believe our service is to The Lord:  Recognizing that billions of people throughout the world are in need of help in all areas of life, we focus on the mind (education), the body (health and nutrition) and the heart (spiritual).  We develop relationships with communities, learn the needs of the community and partner with like minded organizations and people to help the community become self sustaining.  In all we do, we look to God to provide guidance and blessing, and give Him all the glory.

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