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TRELLIS is all about establishing a structure that helps and allows Christ-followers in a city to work together more effectively by providing Focus, Organization and Communication. 

We are all about Uniting Churches, and stimulating Christ followers to:

     - Pray for their City 

     - Love their actual neighbors and neighborhoods

     - Engage the greater challenges in their city

In most cities, there are countless organizations doing good things but the lack of focus, strategy and unity inhibits progress. TRELLIS improves efficiencies and outcomes. Working with a university TRELLIS drives a biannual study that identifies the most pressing issues and then coordinates the development of a strategy and process for addressing those issues.


Currently in Costa Mesa, California the most pressing needs have been identified as homelessness, education (literacy) and cultural integration. These are all complicated and multifaceted issues. Our partnerships and collaborative efforts involve food & clothing programs, counseling/social work, mentoring, housing, legal advice, job resourcing and adult education. Our aim is to create an infrastructure that could be leveraged and replicated in other cities.

 Below is a list for each of our current initiatives and contact persons who can provide opportunities for engagement in each.



 Contacts: Ashley Anderson: 


 Contact: Ian Stevenson:


 Contact: Christine Nolf:

Project Manager(s)
Ian Stevenson
Project Manager
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Costa Mesa, US

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End Date: 30 December 2016

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