R3nown: "A Vision Becomes a Journey"

young mama
    During a health crisis this little one and her young mother receive help from Mama Miriam

R3nown is partnering with Destiny Women to build a transitional Crisis Care home for the many situations that arise in the process of transformation.  Young girls are learning skills to work and care for their babies.

                               Miriam poses by the foundation begun for the girls' transitional Crisis Care HomeMiriam dreams of a home



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December 27-January 17, 2015 
151 children came for 22 days!
"We saw God's hand amidst the dust of the devil."

Each Youth camp, set up in various areas of Uganda, provides personal life skills training, including sex education, hygiene, and family relationship health. During the 1-3 week camp sessions children from village areas come to eat, sleep, sing, dance, worship, listen and learn about life. On the last Saturday parents join with a special training in parenting for the day. 
This is a very significant ministry designed to address at an early age issues that have been detrimental to the well being of the African families. 

Here is a word from our very passionate and dedicated friend, leader of this movement: 

We need God's grace to be sufficient for the Youth camps' financial provision, safety and guidance. We need about 10,000 dollars for each entire camp and yet the parents/guardians and churches we partner with here are only able to contribute very small amounts and materials because many are from poor families and also most of the churches are experiencing financial limitations- so please we request you to pray with us that the Lord will grant us success. Counsellor Muwawu 


(Cornerstone "Old Student" Association)

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              3rd Annual COSA Couples Retreat- Kampala            Building Marriage Support Team COSA

Since our main partnerships are with the COSA Alumni, connecting happens from the day we land to the day we fly!

COSA 2016 Developing Opportunities for R3nown:

• Build COSA team of couples to share with us @ Couples’ Retreats and Saturday Marriage Seminars!

• Plan & Prepare for June 2016 4th Annual Couple’s Retreat

• Schedule requests for more retreats & Seminars (North in Gulu, Kaberamaido...)

• Fort Portal, Uganda (borders DRC) First Annual Couples’ Retreat


Our family Journey to reach R3nown projects in progress started with a desire to “go” to Uganda and a vision to “do” there what Isaiah 58:6-­‐10 states-­‐ rebuild-­‐ restore-­‐ repair generations! 1981 to now… our journey has fulfilled that vision through “seeing” and not so much youthful doing! We see God at work in Uganda through the many leaders raised up through Cornerstone Development Africa, a ministry led by those who were part of our 1981 team (had we gone then)! Leaders Start Things!


Project Manager
Sharlee Curry

Kampala, UG

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End Date: 30 March 2016

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