Renew Gulu

Renew Gulu

After 20 years of war, Northern Uganda is a place of hope and rebuilding.  People are back in their villages.  Children are back in school.  Businesses are starting.  Churches are growing.  We believe that aid is not the way forward.  Helping Ugandans help themselves is where we want to end up.  However, right now, we need to sponsor children to get them into better schools, get them fed, and help them develop spiritually by teaching them Christian principles.  We need to help build schools and churches.  We need to help build businesses and agriculture projects. We need your help!

Today, you can change the life of a child in Gulu, Uganda by sponsoring them for only $35 per month.  Your child will receive school fees, uniforms, Christian training through Gulu Bible Community Church, medical care as needed, but most of!

If you would like to contribute, please CLICK HERE or contact for additional information.

Please also visit for additional information.

Afoyo Matek!

Project Manager
Joshua Tickenoff

Gulu, UG

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