Resource Community Care

Resource Community Care

Comprehensive growth into 2016!

Wow, 2015 was a thoroughly productive and intuitive year. It turned out to be a year highlighting learning opportunities and qualitative growth, and we are excited about seeing that transform into numerical growth into the public/community/charity sector for 2016, as these lessons are absorbed and implemented into care for employees in these areas. 

Thank you for teaming up with Resource to do what we are called to do together in Phoenix! Your partnership and presence in this shared effort has made it all possible. Thank you also for believing in our work. Your trust is precious, it is vital, and we are working hard to honor your commitment with us.

What we accomplished together, in 2015:


·         The honor and joy of now serving 17 clients and over 1,100 employees throughout the Valley of the Sun, and even some beyond!

·         Provision of service for dozens of former employees, their friends and families, and other inidividuals and their families, beyond the scope of our business clients, throughout the Valley.

·         A sustainable and maturing business-community hybrid model with which to serve our partners for the next decade

·         dreaming, delving into, experimenting, and learning lessons in how to serve our Valley communities-at-large

·         Learning donor development in order to empower growth and community influence

·         Greg and Daniel converted from LLC co-ownership to an State of Arizona S-Corporation, which will be more conducive to growth

·         Information and social media channels established: our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, REC printed materials

·         Learning and growing in business leadership, etiquette, procedures, development, presentation, and marketing

·         Honing business musts: Quickbooks, billing procedures, banking, accounting, insurance, taxes, sharing and delegation of duties

·         Partnerships with Mission Increase Foundation and New Horizons Foundation

  •     Membership of our Empoyee Care Providers in Pinnacle Forum, a Scottsdale-based business leadership network, with Daniel now leading his forum meetings

·         On the cusp of hiring a third Employee Care Provider



Project Manager
Greg Bennett and Dan Mercado

Phoenix, US

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