Global Life Campaign

Global Life Campaign
Global Life CampaignTM
Lift up the Standard of the Sanctity of Human Life
Remember the Unborn, Serve Pro-Life Nations 

Sancitiy of Life   Mission: 

   1.  Lift up the standard of the Sanctity of Human Life among the Nations;

   2.  Impart a Biblical understanding of life, government, and spheres of authority;  

   3.  Remember the Unborn, and expose Abortion as the Greatest Genocide; 

   4.  Serve and Strengthen Pro-Life Nations, and work toward Ending Abortion.

Unique Strategic Objectives:  

1.  Co-labor with in-country pro-life organizations and churches to educate with a Biblical understanding of the sanctity of human life, preserve good laws protecting preborn children and pregnant mothers, and prevent the authorization of abortion.  

2.  Establish the GLC and its website as a reliable resource center for:

  • A Biblical understanding of the sanctity of human life and inalienable human rights to build cultures of life that reverence God and respect human life, and have the capacity to prevent authorization of abortion;
  • The laws and policies of nations protecting human life or permitting abortion;
  • The harmful impacts of legalizing abortion;
  • Accurate country abortion data and graphs;
  • Documentation of abortion as the Greatest Genocide in history.   

3.  Influence and equip the 60 pro-life nations to preserve their good laws protecting preborn children, and withstand international pressure to legalize abortion.  Projects for 2015: 

  • Influence the Dominican Republic to preserve its law and not legalize abortion (completed).  *** VICTORY!  The laws protecting the right to life of preborn children and the lives of pregnant mothers were preserved by the Constitutional Tribunal of the DR on 2 December 2015.  Praise the Lord who answered the prayers and blessed the work of many pastors and Christians in the DR, and those of us who prayed, supported, and co-labored with them! ***  
  • Uganda Project including countrywide Pro-Life Campaign and Pastor's & Leaders Conferences [December 2015 - February 2016 (budget:  $47,321).  HELP UGANDA PREVENT AUTHORIZATION OF ABORTION!  

4.  Publish the first comprehensive, Ph.D. peer-reviewed Abortion Worldwide Report, with reliable data on 70 nations, analysis, country graphs, and tested methodologies, which the LORD could use to awaken the consciences of many people worldwide (special funding need:  $100,000).    

For project information, please go to the GLC webiste: 

General Objectives:  

  1. Lift up the standard of the sanctity of human life, the inherent worth of preborn children, and the first duty of civil government to protect innocent human life. 
  2. Encourage clergy and churches to speak up boldly and compassionately, giving the Biblical basis for the sanctity of human life and a redemptive response to post-abortive women, plus encourage adoption and convince church members not to abort their children.  
  3. Publish policy briefs, reports on sanctity of life movements in nations, and progress reports.  
Additional Supportive Mission Components: 
  • Promote understanding of the duty to protect life within each of the five spheres of authority:  individual, family, church, business and nonprofit, and civil government. 
  • Promote the right and good influence of clergy and the Church on nations and governments. 
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