Transform Honduras

Transform Honduras


Our mission is to transform the nation of Honduras, one community at a time. To break the cycle of poverty by empowering communities to successfully confront their Physical, Social, Educational, Spiritual, and Economic challenges.

Physical - We believe that in order for individuals, families, and communities to succeed, they must have access to water, food, shelter, sanitation, and healthcare. Helping Those In Need Honduras

Social - We believe that the needs of the individual, family, and community can best be served when the community works together in harmony.

Economic - We believe that in order for the community to succeed there must be adequate sources of income.

Educational - We believe in providing a better future for the current and next generation by supporting/building educational opportunities and infrastructure within the community.

Spiritual -Provide Spiritual guidance to those who lack hope.

Based on our Vision, the Goals that we have set for each of the communities we serve are the following:

Physical– Help the community School Room Hondurasbuild an adequate infrastructure which provides each individual with access to food,water (both purified and general use), clothing, shelter,sanitation, and healthcare. Educate individuals in the best use of the resources around them to help meet these basic physical needs.

Social–Assist in identifying and forming community leaders and setting community goals. Help the community to establish order and help them work together toward their common goals. Help preserve or reunite the family unit. Teach community members to serve one another.

Economic- Help the community to build an economic infrastructure that creates jobs and sustainable livelihoods.

Educational - Empowering the current and next generations to succeed in the Physical, Social, Economic, and Spiritual arenas through schools, mentoring programs, seminars, and by personal example. 

Project Manager
Jeff Hines and Jerry Paulison

La Ceiba, HN

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