Refuge: Zimbabwe

Refuge: Zimbabwe

Refuge exists to help improve the conditions of orphaned and vulnerable children Zimbabwe.  It is our hope and calling to see a Zimbabwe without orphans. Refuge is working toward that goal by supporting and equipping indigenous adoptive parents, strengthening biological families and by partnering with local projects and organizations.

Regina first traveled to Zimbabwe in November, 2005.  She joined a small team on a short term mission that focused on bringing hope and medical supplies to the rural areas outside of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.  A few months later she would move to Zimbabwe to help the local church build thier orphan care programs.  What started out as a small dream to help a few children who were living and working on the streets be reunited with thier famillies has turned into a ministry to help the local church be equipped to support and empower those who are caring for orphaned or vulnerable children.

It is the dream of Regina and Nyasha Chari and the Refuge team, to see orphaned children cared for well.  They work towards this goal by supporting adoptive families in Zimbabwe.  Refuge advocates for family based placements for children who are orphaned and works to strengthen biological families in an effort to reduce the number of children in Zimbabwe who are orphaned.  Zimbabwe has over 1,500,000 orphans.  Only 3,900 of them are placed in orphanages.  Family based placements- foster care and adoption- are necessary in order to provide homes for these precious children.

If you would like to join this team by supporting and praying for this work, please let us know!

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