Cross Centered Discipleship

Cross Centered Discipleship

5bf61bc3e462e2b3b9f1509c77f30f55 imageMy purpose as a disciple and that of Cross Centered Discipleship will be to disciple other men, in Arizona and around the world, teaching them to be disciples. They in turn will teach other men to be disciples themselves thereby perpetuating a legacy of discipleship here in Phoenix Arizona eventually reaching the world at large.

I would say we are off to a good start.   We have established our group as a Forum of 4, meeting for coffee, bible study and prayer time weekly.   This group will continue throughout 2015.

Chaplain training has been completed at the Southwest School of Chaplaincy in Phoenix, Arizona and I am now licensed through National Association of Christian Ministers (NACM). What it means to be a Chaplain as the church sees it vs how the State sees it - well it is amazing how different they are from each other. The latter (the State) looks to the rules and regulations of what you can and can’t do. As opposed to what the Church’s point of view is and how, as a Chaplain, your primary goal is to serve others. What do I believe being a Chaplain means  - I have to agree with the church and say it is my responsibility to serve others, all the while making certain to operate within the law and keeping in mind that my responsibilities are as a spiritual caregiver not a State certified counselor.  In simple terms, I want to share the Word of God as it relates to their needs.

The proposed Charitable Project “Cross Centered Discipleship” will begin as a small outreach effort in one-on-one and small group venues.   Eventually the Project will grow as other men I disciple will in turn disciple others, thus growing exponentially. This Project coming to full fruition several years from now will be a permanent facility in Phoenix. A facility that can feed, clothe and house, two, three dozen men at a time. This permanent facility will have all the necessary elements, i.e.: Chapel, Library, Kitchen, Entertainment/Recreation, Showers and Beds. It may even one day have a small manufacturing or assembly workshop to provide meaningful work and wages to the men as they make their way through the Project. However, all this is secondary to my primary goal of Christ’s call on my life to disciple men as I have been discipled.

To further share with prospective investors and donors, Cross Center Discipleship provides the following:

Conceived in my mind and laid on my heart over twenty years ago, a calling to help others. Men, younger than myself (I was 40 or so, now I’m over 60) to move past their spiritual mediocrity and gain a true sense of Christ in their lives.

Founded on June 4th of 2014,  a plan set in motion for “Cross Centered Discipleship” (CCD), with the assistance of The Lord, my Pastor, my wife of 39 years and New Horizons Foundation Inc. to bring to fruition this project.  Most accomplishments, major and otherwise, to date have been under the radar. Although we had some initial challenges during 2014, I was able to complete my Chaplaincy, graduate and be licensed. Things of note are my ongoing classes through E.C.S. Ministries, an online correspondence school, with 144 hours of projected personal study along with enrolling for the Advanced Certificate Program at Phoenix Seminary.  Previously completed a men’s study by Dr. Robert Louis, Men’s Fraternity (a 3 yr. program at a local church) also one-on-one study, “Men at the Cross” by Joe White, Forum of Four and Journey study programs under the direction of my dear friend and mentor, John Sloan.  This is necessary study, both past and future, to benefit the ministry of the project.

Short term goals are small group studies along with street ministry in the form of water and baseball hat distributions to homeless, especially as our summer months approach.  Education is foremost at this point to further enhance teaching capabilities as the leader and learn the ins and outs, proper rules of ministry as well as the teaching aspects. Our first order of discipleship is to help other men reach “Milestones” of their own, ones that they can use to build a foundational relationship with other men because of a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.  The primary target would be men between the ages of 30 to 50, but in all reality, open to any man in need regardless of age.  The ministry will focus strictly on men and the particular challenges they are presented with in the face of an ungodly world.

Challenges come in many forms for each person we serve. A good number of men suffer from a variety of addictions, psychosomatic maladies and physical ailments that only a trained doctor or counselor would deal with in a clinical setting. Our roll would be to only serve their spiritual needs, referring all other elements of their care to professionals.  CCD is not in the business of providing clinical help. We will offer one-on-one bible study to men to strengthen their personal relationship to Christ.  We offer a program of spiritual renewal. CCD is on a mission for God’s glory, sharing the Word and Love of Christ to all men in need, for their renewal in all things. It is our aim to engage the men that come into our programs with the love of Christ and to administer to souls through one-on-one encounters, Bible studies of the Gospel and spiritual mentoring in matters dealing with the day-to-day needs of men.

To effectuate the goals of CDD, the current, immediate needs that require financial support are:

1) To raise capital through investments /donations gathered locally and online to help purchase water, blankets, and bibles with accompanying study materials. And any and all other needed and necessary items as deemed useful in ministry to those we are reaching out to.  This may include food cards, clothing, hygiene items, etc.

2) To obtain a laptop computer and printer w/software to print study guides, newsletters, list of organizations that provide shelter, counseling, medical services for men, those things we do not offer at this time and to use in my ongoing studies. 

3)  To purchase and have ongoing funds for operation of a reliable truck to operate from as I currently have no vehicle.  My current vehicle was totaled in an accident during 2014 and those funds were used to pay for my education and establishing CCD (legal and CPA funds, etc).

4) Printing supplies and postage for sending newsletters.

5) Funds for meeting expenses for weekly bible meetings as well as proposed purchase of water and food items for meeting in public parks.

6)  School books, tuition, fees and supplies. 

The intangible benefit you will receive as an investor/donor from your financial support of CDD is knowing you are investing / donating to the ongoing work of creating disciples to carry the word of Christ into a lost and desperate  world; knowing that you are fulfilling The Great Commission by participation.

To accomplish the goals, both short term and long term, for CDD, you have my personal commitment to: 

Engage in rigorous and continuous personal spiritual enrichment programs to show myself approved.

To further my education in order to better enhance my teaching abilities.

To be Christ Centered in all that I do, both personally and through the ministry of CCD.

To teach men by example the word of God and encourage them to reach out to other men in need.

To offer my services as Chaplain, I would administer to the spiritual needs of the widowed, orphaned, infirmed and incarcerated in the local community through volunteer work within the community.  Examples of what I am doing now is assisting several Chaplains I currently know at the VA Medical Center, a Prison Ministry Chaplain and a elderly care facility Chaplain and outreach opportunities in my current church, Camelback Bible Church.  In so doing, developing a framework of outreach within Cross Centered Discipleship that in addition to disciplining would allow the spirit of service to and through the local church to those in need, all to Christ’s glory.

So then in conclusion, I would say God is the wind beneath my wings, and as I look to the future of this ministry all is as it should be. We start small and learn as we grow.  Christ's will be done on earth as it is in heaven…

Project Manager
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End Date: 30 December 2015

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