Freedom Truth Ministry

Freedom Truth Ministry

         To set individuals and couples free from:

1. Sins and curses of their ancestors and their own sins

2. Discover ungodly beliefs and establish Godly beliefs

3. Bring healing to spirit/soul/hurt's

4. Deliverance from demonic oppression

5. Encourage forgiveness and loving communication in marriage

6. Set individuals free from shame, fear and control issues of life   


    Below is a brief summary of the “Bethel Women's Retreat” we conducted in the mountains of Weston Colorado February 23-25/18. Double click on the pictures below to enlarge.     

The mountains of Weston Colorado provided a perfect place for a women’s retreat for 13 women who desired to set aside time to seek and experience the delights of the Lord’s presence. What an awesome mountain setting to worship the Lord and enjoy food and fellowship with the presence of God. Even nature added its color with snow and a dozen deer grazing the grass with their Bambies. God provided cool/cold winter air with the wind of the Holy Spirit to bless and to heal. These ladies enjoyed two and a half days of rest, worship, personal healings and teachings from Charis Bible College teachers Audrey Mack and Karri Picket via audio/video. Sandy Penner taught on Ungodly/Godly belief systems and the prophetic word followed by an activation workshop. We also enjoyed the food that was provided by the attendees and served by Bob Rusler and Don Penner.

The greatest time of the retreat was the presence of the LORD manifesting healing, forgiveness, and love and peace into their hearts. Laughter and tears with a lot of sharing filled the basement of that house called “Bethel”. The Bethel of the Bible is that ancient city north of Jerusalem where Jacob was running to save his life and met angels in a dream descending and ascending a ladder to heaven. It was there that Jacob experienced God and made commitments to the LORD that gave him strength for his entire life. 

That’s what happened at the house “Bethel” this last weekend for those attending. Dreams came true for these ladies seeking the God of Love. Hurts were healed; forgiveness experienced, the Joy of the Lord received and commitments to the LORD were made. The presence of God was honoured and the desire of these ladies for more of HIS presence experienced. The ladies were reminded that they each are a princess with crowns of glory in the sight of God. (Look closely at the crowns on the first picture) We Praise God for HIS faithfulness. We praise thee OH GOD for the opportunity to spend time with YOU this last weekend. 

Bob and Mary Ann Rusler gave Sunday afternoon tours of God's great and awesome mountains and valleys of that area.


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