Freedom Truth Ministry

Freedom Truth Ministry

To set individuals and couples free from:

1. Sins and curses of their ancestors and their own sins

2. Discover ungodly beliefs and establish Godly beliefs

3. Bring healing to spirit/soul/hurt's

4. Deliverance from demonic opppression

5. Encourage forgiveness and loving communication in marriage

6. Set indiviuals free from shame, fear and control issues of life   


Below is the testimony of Shane Day who recently completed the RTF ministry with us. Double click on the picture below to enlarge. You are invited to call Shane at 719-468-9959 to visit with him about his ministry with us.  


The ministry I received from Don and Sandy Penner was such a blessing. The time and care they invested throughout the ministry process was foundational and something I have never experienced before.  Overall the ministry was  thorough and has allowed me to recognize and address the areas of my life where I have been wounded and bound for so long.  The RTF approach to ministry was truly a restorative experience.  On the last day of ministry I sensed a great weight had been lifted from my heart.  I am now experiencing a new freedom that I believe will be life changing for many years.

Shane Day;   10/12/17


Project Manager
Donald and Sandy Penner

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End Date: 29 November 2017

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