Freedom Truth Ministry

Freedom Truth Ministry

To set individuals and couples free from:

1. Sins and curses of their ancestors and their own sins

2. Discover ungodly beliefs and establish Godly beliefs

3. Bring healing to spirit/soul/hurt's

4. Deliverance from demonic opppression

5. Encourage forgiveness and loving communication in marriage

6. Set indiviuals free from shame, fear and control issues of life   



   Testimony of Mike Dutton;  Double click on picture to enlarge

First I want to thank the Lord for my wife and also that I have been able to learn to know this godly couple, Don and Sandy Penner. They have brought God and the understanding of God into our life and marriage like never before.  I didn’t realize how many sins, ungodly beliefs; curses and controlling demonic spirits are out there to keep us from knowing our true God. God’s love and understanding has set me free of these demonic controls giving me understanding to worship and praise God continually with great feelings of God’s presence.

I know this is only the beginning of our journey but I now have the tools to go to for future reference. To know that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit want to be a part of every moment of our life is such a comfort.  May the Lord bless this ministry and the result it gives in everyone’s life.

P.S. If you think this ministry is not for you or you don’t need it you will benefit from it.

Phone 719-241-2333; December 12/2017

Testimony of Denise Dutton

To start out I had no idea how this ministry was going to turn out for me. I am 67 years old and I felt like I could not get much better alone. Now I can go on for another 20 or 30 years and it will be exciting. God is not finished with me. I want to get going helping others, encouraging and praying for them. I am not finished and washed up.

By taking this class it gave me a close walk with God. I am important to God and can call on the Holy Spirit and Jesus any time. He loves me and wants me to walk with Him. My walk with the Lord is only going to get better.  I feel full and stuffed. (with God’s love) I don’t have to live with guilt and be a slave to it.  God is love; I will let Him love me. I am worthy, thank you Jesus, I am free.  December 13/2017                  

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Donald and Sandy Penner

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