Freedom Truth Ministry

Freedom Truth Ministry

To set individuals and couples free from:

1. Sins and curses of their ancestors and their own sins

2. Discover ungodly beliefs and establish Godly beliefs

3. Bring healing to spirit/soul/hurt's

4. Deliverance from demonic opppression

5. Encourage forgiveness and loving communication in marriage

6. Set indiviuals free from shame, fear and control issues of life   


Below is the testimony of Lisa and Ted Garcia who recently completed the RTF ministry with us. Double click on the picture below to enlarge. You are invited to call Lisa at 719-469-9572 to hear her share their testimony. Please do. 

 We are so grateful for the RTF Ministry.  We were so blessed and give Thanks to our God for our Ministry team (Don and Sandy).   We have experienced a huge change in our lives as we closed demonic doors that we never could have imagined were open. What an awesome feeling to be showered with Gods amazing Love. We can’t stop smiling every time we think about the times we sat and talked with Jesus and felt his Love.  We sat in a room (war room) with Jesus and there with Him we created a deep and lasting healing experience. The peace that now lives in our hearts is something we never want to let go of.  Our hearts are now healed and full of love which is the love of God.  Our lives have been changed in Prayer, in our marriage, with our Children and in our relationship with Christ!!  Praise God for RTF and its ministry. Thank You Don and Sandy for your Love and dedication you gave us during the times we would meet.

Ted & Lisa Garcia  


Project Manager
Donald and Sandy Penner

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End Date: 29 May 2017

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