Physician's Discipleship Ministry

Physician's Discipleship Ministry

The first retreat conference was held at The Navigators Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado during the early 90's.  Since then numerous attendees have been blessed by the fellowship, teaching, and this beautifully peaceful setting.  Once yearly, during the last Thursday evening through Sunday morning in February, physicians and their partners receive life changing Biblical teaching through interaction with other attendees, workshops developed and given by fellow physicians, and evening teaching by a guest speaker whose life has proven his words. The summit of the conference is the Saturday afternoon personal time of seeking and listening to God.  This retreat conference promotes and develops relationships with other physcians through which God works to sharpen each of us by His design and according to His will.  The content is designed to help answer two questions.  How does one develop skills needed to better know our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus?  How does one pass these skills on to others?  

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