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Welcome to the New Horizons Foundation application portal!

Below you will find a number of resources that can help you in filling out and submitting the four required forms. These resources include examples for inspiration and guidance and a frequently asked questions section.
At the bottom of our page is all relevant contact information should you have any questions.


The documents in this application are necessary for your project to comply IRS requirements and thereby must be completed before New Horizons Foundation can distribute funds for any and all purposes.

This initial assessment compiles contact information as well as detailing legal information regarding the management of a not-for-profit corporation.

The budget form is simply an estimated amount to get started and is required from the IRS for all not-for-profit organizations. 

The case statement establishes justification for your not-for-profit status, your support network, and the need for your project.

The profile is a snapshot of all relevant information on your project complies it into documentation for your donors and the IRS.

Create Your Project Website

By filling our this questionnaire, our media team can get a snapshot of your project and use that to create a  personalized website that will be perfect for you and your donors.


Learn more about what project managers receive, our ongoing services, what we require from you, and our cost. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Each form is an independent legal or operational document. Therefore, they sometimes require the same information but varying degrees of specificity.

While you do not need to complete all the forms in one sitting, you must submit all four before your application can be processed.

An initial $2000 fee is required after application approval to cover the administration costs of beginning your project with New Horizons Foundation.

After all required forms are submitted, New Horizons Foundation will review your application. If your application is approved, then you will receive an approval email with all the information needed to gain access to your online portal, as well as Project Manager training resources.

If needed, there is a message system below that you can use to send a direct message to the New Horizons help desk.

While each individual form must be completed at one time; you will receive an email after each submission to confirm that we have received the form.


If you still have questions that have not been covered by our FAQ section, send us a direct message to our help desk and a member from our team will respond as soon as possible!​

1 (800) 531-4075

available from 8:30 – 4:30 PM

Address 5550 Tech Center Dr Suite 303