Thank you for your interest in starting an operating project. 

Please complete this brief survey so that we can better serve you in our response to your endeavor.


1. What is the name of your proposed operating project?

2. What is the problem or need and why does it need to be addressed?

3. What is the planned charitable activity of the proposed project?

4. What vital services will be offered to meet the need?

5. Why now? What is the urgency prompting donors to respond immediately?

6. What is your current structure?

7. How much money do you or your organization plan to raise this year?

8. Who referred you to our Foundation? If you were not referred, tell us how you learned about our Foundation.

9. Overall, how would you rate your computer skills?

Advanced to Expert - Full mastery of most applications
Intermediate - Proficient with most applications
Basic - Familiarity with most applications ( able to perform daily simple tasks )
Novice - New to computers or very basic email experience

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