Posted by Erik Dixon on 24 September 2015

September - October 2015 Update

September - October 2015 Update

Here is a brief update on the Sept-Oct happenings around Identity Craft:
* Yes, finally, the Identity Craft website is up and running. There will still be some tweaks to integrate social media and the like, but it does give an accurate description of all we are doing in the south Denver area. You can check it out here:

* Increasing clients - yes, word is getting out and we're seeing a large influx of low(no)-income clientele in the midst of career change, managing their families as a single parent, or even as pastors who cannot expense counseling help for the issues they are dealing with their families. Because of your support, we're able to add even more weekly clients and we're excited to see their successes as they move through their issues and more into who God created them to be. The feedback has been amazing, as well as continued referrals. We can't wait to see their successes, like so many others that have been through our programs.

* Fundraising Round 2 - We are in the midst of activating our grant research as well as continued presentations to private parties who wish to partner. Our strategic plan has had raving reviews thus far and we are seeing successes in collaboration with business like Redimere Group DTC, HealthAware LLC, and That's just the beginning as we are getting more referrals and have a full schedule the rest of the month with fundraising possibilities.

* A Big Thank You - to all who have supported us so far. We are seeing the fruits of our labor and your giving, as the word spreads, interest is generating a critical mass, and we are poised to make a significant impact in the Douglas County schools, youth, and adults that we are involved with. Thank you so much for your heart and your giving in this endeavor. It is truly exciting to be a part of.

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