Christian Adventure Ministry- Lomilo

Christian Adventure Ministry- Lomilo


God's love endures forever (Ps.118:1) This is the message of Hope we bring through our words and lives, to the people of Uganda. We serve to meet practical needs (The great commandments) and spiritual needs (The great commission), discipling new believers into the great community.

Waffle and Val serve as missionaries in Uganda with the Karamojong and Teso people, together with a local Christian Non-Profit called CLIDE Consultancy (Community Livestock Integrated Development Consultancy). They use community development, livestock and veterinary trainings, and educational scholarships to develop relationships in these tribal communities, which then allows them opportunities to share the hope that is within them:  the good news of Jesus Christ. This shows God’s love practically, drawing people into His presence to also love and serve Him. Their ministries are multi-faceted and wholistic including.

  1. Livestock health and husbandry training for semi-nomadic herders

  2. Child Sponsorship of orphans and vulnerable children who have been decimated by tribal warfare, HIV/AIDS and drought or famine.

  3. Famine Relief and Food For Work during this time of changing weather patterns. People have planted now again, but have very little to eat while they await the harvest in a few months time.            
  4. Peace building with tribal elders and warriors, with livelihood enhancement for this warring tribe who has been rustling cattle for the last 30 years.

  5. Herbal veterinary medicine development to bring a sustainable supply of indigenous medicines into the hands of the local communities and to provide an income generating source for the traditional healers (many who were former witchdoctors).

  6. Discipleship training using Chronological Bible Storying for semi-literate communities using oral Bible learning, spiritual songs and dramas.

  7. Pastoral training for indigenous spiritual leaders.

People living in spiritual darkness often find themselves in abject poverty. Hopelessness and helplessness pervade the thoughts of those without the true knowledge of God and Christ.  By working with local communities to empower their people through an integrated, wholistic ministry, we strive to bring wholeness to the body, soul, spirit and mind. Our wholistic approach provides economic opportunity and spiritual growth through evangelism and discipleship, livestock and agricultural initiatives, child sponsorships, peace building with tribal warriors, herbal medicine research and development, and pastoral training.

We love Jesus and we cannot resist sharing the hope and love we have in Him! He chose us through His grace and amazingly loves us and has appointed us to serve. Waffle Lomilo attended Multnomah Bible College and has been working in multiple ministry levels, training youth, inspiring pastors and conducting many short term missions around the world. Dr. Val Lomilo is a veterinary missionary with 25 years of experience on the mission field, working with the poor and empowering them to reach new heights and spiritual depths.

God, through His Spirit, calls us to obedience to the calling that is within us, from deep within our souls, pressing forward to reach people for Christ while there is still time. The average life span for men in Karamoja is 49 yrs old, 54 for women. Many children die young. Satan is doing all he can do to take as much territory as possible, but God is, at this moment, is moving with power and grace across this land. We can feel His urging at this crucial time to press on with courage and determination.

This is our CLIDE Team!

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We are really seeing the Lord at work in our ministries here in Uganda! We praise Him for His grace and provision for all of our needs. Here is our Calendar, so that you can try to keep up with what's going on:

Lomilo Calendar

You can email us at or Val at

You can also call us. Waffle is +256 788 4444 07             Val is +256 782 65 8151

Please keep praying for us! 

See our peace video:   


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE (A tax deductable reciept will be sent to you):

a. For On line giving, Click here: Donate Now , then click "Give On-line", then chose which of our ministries to give to from the drop down menu.

b. You can also mail in checks for donations (with a note "for Waffle/Val" or "Christian Adventure Ministry") to:

           New Horizons Foundation

           5550 Tech Center Drive, Suite 303

          Colorado Springs, CO 80919


c. Donations for special projects can also be mailed in as checks. Designate any of the following of our Christian Adventure Ministry/ CLIDE activities:

           CAM - Child sponsorship (Timothy Project)

                        ($300 primary school, $500 high school, $1000 Trade School, $1,500 University)

           CAM - Famine Relief 

                        ($1 feeds a family of 5 for a day. Our goal is to provide enough food for 1000 people for 3 months)

           CAM - Construction

                        (Build a church, a parsonage or help with the CLIDE Office construction)

           CAM - Peace Ministry

           CAM - Livestock Ministry

                       ($40 for a goat, $250 for a cow, $600 for a camel)

          CAM - Aquaponics

          CAM - Herbal Medicine Ministry (Ethnovet)

          CAM - Discipleship Ministry

          CAM - New Vehicle Fund: Land Cruiser or Mahindra?? Our funds at the end of the year will help us decide



Thanks so much for checking out our ministry! God is doing amazing things out here. You could even consider coming out and serving with us!  See our webpage about Short Term Trips and pray about what God may do in and through You!




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