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Problem being solved?
Officers all around the country took an Oath to serve the citizens in their communities against ALL threats. However, in situations officers do not have the proper protection to protect them while they are protecting the community.
Second, there has been rising tensions and hostility that is being directed towards law enforcement officers. This goes all the way up to officer ambushes which are at an all-time high. Officer moral is extremely low.

How are you solving it?
We are providing free of charge better protective gear that officers can rapidly deploy over their uniforms if the situation warrants it.
By not only providing a possible life saving piece of equipment, we also provide a support group. These support groups and letting their officer know that there are good members in the community that support them and have their backs. We are building new healthy relationships between the local faith based and the local law enforcement.

Why are you qualified?
I have been a police officer for 17 years. I have been attached to the SWAT team for 3.5 years. I have been involved in two active shooter situations, one at a large church and one at planned parenthood. I have also been involved in two additional deadly force shootings.

What is the urgency?
Who knows what is happening on the streets of America at this exact moment. Officers not only need better protection and support, but they also need Jesus TODAY……it may be their last day.
On the next page is a picture of our most recent vest presentation where 53 CSPD Officers received their kits and met their support groups for the first time!

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