Outreach Cares Benevolence Fund

Outreach Cares Benevolence Fund


The Outreach Benevolence Fund exists for the purpose of offering limited financial help to our fellow employees who are struggling to provide for their basic needs: emergency hardship, medical treatment, housing, utilities, transportation or during times of disaster.  


The medical/benevolence fund is intended as a source of last resort, to be used when the family or individual needing assistance has explored all other possibilities of help from family, friends, savings, or investments. It is intended to be a temporary help during a time of crisis. Assistance from the benevolence fund is intended to fill a short-term need of six months or less.

Those requesting help must be willing to give the Benevolence Fund Committee permission to follow up on any of the information provided to the committee. The committee will be sensitive to confidential issues.


The stated purpose of the benevolence fund is to meet people’s basic needs.

Normally, these needs are defined as:

Needs that may not be met by the benevolence fund include:

housing, rent or lodging



medical treatment

transportation to or from a place of employment

phone/internet services

professional counseling appointments

treatment or rehabilitation facilities

funeral expenses

•purchase or reimbursement for any personal assets including but not limited to computers, smart phones, home appliances or personal electronics, etc.

•business investments, or anything that brings financial profit to the individual or family

•paying off credit cards. Exceptions can be made when an individual has had to use a credit card in a crisis or emergency (e.g., hospitalization, death, etc.)

•needs of individuals who are wanted by the law or for paying fines as a result of breaking the law

•tax/legal fees and expenses

•loans and pay advances

•penalties relating to late payments or irresponsible actions

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