Our healing art involves you—because you matter! 

Hopitality artist and facilitator Pamela Alderman creates a new kind of artist/citizen work that invites audience collaboration. The work lets others speak and respond. As visitors engage with the work, healing often occurs.

Pamela and her team witness this healing time and time again. She recalls an incident at The Scarlet Cord installation, an exhibit that lifted sex trafficking awareness. Pamela explains, "After viewing The Scarlet Cord installation, a student fell into my arms. I held her as she cried. Little by little her story came: At 13, she had been raped by an older adult and another teen. Pain and devastation marked her young life." The art helped activate the healing process and gave the young teen an opportunity to release some of the hurt through sharing her story. 

As individuals begin to interact with the work, they often identify their pain, and in some cases, they begin talking about deep wounds for the first time. As a result, many individuals experience healing—at an art installation. 

By serving others and encouraging soul care, Healing in Arts helps unlock people and moves them towards human flourishing or personal wellbeing. Your financial investment—large or smallplays a huge role in healing brokenness and restoring hope. Join our Healing in Arts team today! 

Pamela Alderman

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