Pinions on Mission

Pinions on Mission

Pinions On Mission

2 Cor. 5. 17-21

Vision: A network of normal everyday people, sold-out to Jesus Christ, scattered all over the world, with the power and authority of the Holy Spirit to make and baptize disciples, leading and training faithful men and women to advance the Kingdom among the lost until Mt. 24.14 is accomplished.

We are seeking the fulfillment of this vision across 4 key areas:

1. To see No Place Left in the U.S. Army that has not heard the gospel of Jesus.  We are praying that Jesus will use our lives to plant simple churches full of disciples who make disciples while Dusty is serving full time in the Army.

2. As these disciples are raised up and sent out into the Army, they will benefit from continued resources, accountability, coaching, and training. We will continue to provide this at a distance and face-to-face. 

3. Encourage and learn from other disciple-makers and laborers in the #noplaceleft network and across the U.S. Along with men and women entrusted to us, we will parcipate in ministry conferences, leadership summits and other opportunities to share and learn from what Jesus is doing in other parts of the country.

4.  Encourage and learn from other disciple-makers and laborers in the #noplaceleft network and other ministries around the world.  We support and pray for several families who are working for the Kingdom internationally.  It is our goal to lead annual short term trips to work along-side these international laborers to learn from them and experience the entire Kingdom of God.

We are praying for financial support to aid in the expense of travel and needed resources for ministry training for us and those we disciple.

We invite you to pray for God's work through us, come learn to make disciples, or prayerfully partner with us financially.

We serve and labor under the spiritual mentorship and authority of the No Place Left Army team.

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